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Argentina.. A Vegetarian Nightmare

Where the Carnivores Thrive

Warning: If you are sensitive to eating meat, looking at meat, or any regular people who eat meat, then this is not the post for you. In fact, you won't find anything green in this post.

Also due to the nature of this post and the photos in it, I was delayed in finishing this post for about 2 months since every time I would start writing, I would get hungry all of the sudden. I had to control the writing of this post as I have already gained 10 pounds since trying to start this post back in April. And yes, I am eating now as I type.

The last country in my South America adventure was Argentina, the land of meat and naps. After an exhausting escape from the land of death, this was a welcome break, although I was soon overwhelmed by the amount of people and traffic of the sprawling Buenos Aires.

(Click on the photos for bigger version and even more photos!)


When I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I turn to food. What other place is better than an all you can eat Chinese buffet after suffering from starvation in the jungle? (Let's face it, the only good buffets is the Chinese kind.) In addition of the slow roasted pork, Hunan chicken, and pepper beef (surprisingly they have authentic more Chinese cuisines than typical American place due to a significant amount of Chinese population there), they have the local traditional food of parrilla, which is plain bbq of meats of all types. For a measly $7 (or $5 due to the black market exchange rates, if you have cold hard USD on you) I could eat as much meat as I could. Like all Asians, I immediately went for the most expensive meats they had, skipping any other cheap fillers such as fruits, vegetables and carbs (with the exception of rice).

To tell you the truth I couldn't remembered much from that day as I soon fell asleep during siesta. Although only I didn't wake up until the next day and found that from others who described to me that I had a food overdose (similar to how people act and forget about events after drinking too much).


Waking up from a meat filled food coma, I felt the after effects of a food hangover. Which feels pretty similar to a regular hangover, except all the pain is concentrated in your stomach. As a hangover is due to the imbalance of ions in your body due to the processing, and now lacking of alcohol, the feeling can be diminished by drinking more alcohol. So following those professional given advice from a random stranger, I applied it to curing my food hangover by finding the nearest food stall that I could find. And guess what, it worked.


Walking down the street I felt something has changed, no longer there were the towering skyscrapers and noisy traffic, it was replaced by a mountainous backdrop with a breathtaking =P view. Then I realized somehow after the food coma I ended up in El Calefate, the capital of outdoor hiking in Argentinian Patagonia. But even with its remoteness and in such a small town there are still plenty of parilla to go around.

Remember those two talking llamas that I encountered back in Peru? I think I have found their cousins resting next to a hot fire, albeit with slightly less fur. Too bad, only if they knew their final fate, they might not have been so eager to go to the city.


Of course, staring at those stretched out lean meats made the inside of mouth uncontrollably moist (I am salivating now as I type) and I had to gave into my inner meat eating demons. I immediately ran into restaurant and ordered an entire plate of meat. And that's all I ordered. I didn't even order water as I was already over hydrated by my own saliva by then. The meat tasted extremely rich, just like its price, which cost $30 due to being a tourist town and the fact the next independent meat source is well over 200 km away.

Sure I did other things in Argentina, like hiking on a glacier and riding boat under Iguazu falls, but nothing can be compared to even just staring at that plate of meat right now....

Overall my trip throughout South America was fantastic. It filled with intelligible spanglish, breath taking views, many encounters with death, and meat eating glory. Certainly a land I would come back and re-experience each of those aspects at a more leisurely pace after when I get my 1 week vacation upgrade after working at the same place for 5 more years.

But as for now, I am hungry again, brb...



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